Asian American Heritage Month Celebration: Strategy for Leon County Public Schools
  Rationale: Why do we celebrate Asian American Awareness at schools?
  • Our schools, like our society are becoming more diverse
  • Teaching them basic concepts removes misinformation and prejudice
  • Understanding others at younger age instills in them respect for other groups and cooperation
  • Informing people without condemning others educates everyone
  • Incorporate basic information about Asian American Heritage into county-wide curriculum
  • Celebrate Asian Awareness Month like African American & Hispanic Heritage Months
  • Create scholarships that are open to all students
  • Conduct essay competition about Asian American Heritage and Culture
  • Invite prominent Asian Americans to speak at school functions
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Outreach Activities
  Fundraising for Thailand Floods
  Fundraising for Japanese Catastrophe Fund
  • ACT has collected $26,726.45 as of 11/06/2011 for the cause

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