Asian Coalition of Tallahassee

Founded 2004

Formed in December 2004, the Asian Coalition of Tallahassee (ACT) was initiated by the Big Bend Filipino-American Association, Inc (BBFAA) under the leadership of Dr. Clyde Diao. It is an umbrella organization comprised of various Asian related organizations as well as individual members and is intended to be the voice of the Asian community. It aims to unite various Asian communities within the Tallahassee area and promote and share our rich Asian cultural heritage with the local community through community activity involvement and cultural events. To achieve this, ACT launched "Experience Asia" which has experienced meteoric rise to become a major annual event in Tallahassee. Further, ACT aims to enhance social and economic ties with the community at large. Through these, ACT hopes to raise Asian awareness within the community to foster a better understanding between Asians and other cultures.

Originally, ACT was formed by the Big Bend Filipino American Association, India Association of Tallahassee, North Florida Chinese Association, the Tallahassee Families with Asian Children, and the Chinese Association of Tallahassee. ACT grew to include the FSU International Center, Japanese Community Group, Chinese Children Adoption International, Taiwanese American Association of Tallahassee, Thai Community of Tallahassee, Persian Cultural Club, Korean community, Rossier Productions, Inc. Pakistani community, World Economic Forum and many Student associations. Several individual members also comprise ACT membership. We hope to expand as more members join our organization.

ACT welcomes everyone who is interested in Asian culture to join, regardless of age, sex, race, or ethnicity. Bringing in non-Asian members into ACT is essential as it helps foster better understanding within the local community. It also helps the Asian community become part of mainstream America without losing its identity. Truly, ACT provides a venue by which the East meets the West.

Past ACT Photographers: Nick Baldwin, Tristin Kroening, Dan Looney, Don Pattaya, Phil Shoemaker


Featured Events

IATLH - 10th Annual Sports Day 2017
May 6, 2017

2nd Annual BBFAA Fun Run
May 20, 2017

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
May 27, 2017

Pista Sa Nayon
September 30, 2017

Experience Asia
October 14, 2017

Glimpses of India
November 2017

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