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Mikiko Tanaka

Mikiko Tanaka

Title: "Life (Requiem)"

Mikiko makes potteries with Japanese tastes applying Japanese calligraphy and sumi-e painting techniques. For her necessity she makes tea bowls and other utensils for tea ceremonies, vases for flower arrangements, and for fun she creates large pieces including 3 foot sculptures as well as small ones like 3 inch brush-rests.

Mikiko was the featured artist for COCA’s annual Creative Tallahassee Exhibition 2016 (Tallahassee Democrat 3/13/2016). She also makes Japanese style craft decorations with paper and fabric.

 Hyun Duk Shin

Hyun Duk Shin

Title: Marine World-1, Mixed Media, 33” X 58”

…”Through the marriage of improvisation and structure and in dealing with random, color-pigment applications which are often supported which collages that employ pieces of brown paper towel, road maps, and pieces of bark; I thereby presented arrangements of color planes which lock together on the surface.

Creating works which are allowed to run unbounded off the perimeters of the canvas, I added some shapes of marine creatures and a body of figures as an immediacy and associative power between the pictures and the viewers.

The gentle and vigorous undulating forms in my work suggest parts of nature-furrows in a field, roads, rivers, fissures, shallow hills, etc. They are an earth-bound metaphor of an American landscape.”

Brinda Pamulapati

Brinda Pamulapati

Title: Cypress Winds - Acrylic on Canvas 24" X 48"

Brinda has been an artist since childhood. She came first in several art competitions while still in school. After completing her Baccalaureate and Master degrees in mathematics at FSU Brinda has been working as a math faculty member for an online university. Through all this she has continued her artwork and has contributed her art for local occasions and charities. Pursuing her passion for art, she successfully completed her Master visual artist classes from the Yazi School of Visual Art under world renowned artist Prof. Jacob Pichhadze.

Asian American Heritage Month Celebration: Strategy for Leon County Public Schools

Rationale: Why do we celebrate Asian American Awareness in schools?

  • Our schools, like our society are becoming more diverse
  • Teaching basic concepts removes misinformation and prejudice
  • Understanding other cultures at a younger age instills respect for other groups
  • Informing individuals without condemning others educates everyone


  • Incorporate basic information about Asian American Heritage into county-wide curriculum
  • Invite students to explore the similarities and embrace differences between cultures.
  • Celebrate Asian Awareness Month
  • Create scholarships that are open to all students
  • Conduct an essay competition about Asian American Heritage and Culture
  • Invite prominent Asian Americans to speak at school functions

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November 2017

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